007 Submarine Sells at Auction

UPDATE: Remember when I said this car would cost you about $500,000? Well, this sucker just sold for $865,000 at auction. Just when you thought the sticker price on a ridiculous movie super car was predictable, some rich guy just blew it completely out of the water. Get it? Water? Submarine car? Shut up.

The famous submarine Lotus Esprit Series 1 car seen in the James Bond classic ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ was up for auction, according to Autoweek. Chances are you will never lose another golf ball in a lake with this baby.

The car is claimed to be fully functional and was designed to propel itself underwater by Florida-based Perry Oceanographic. Mac Girardo, managing director of RM Auctions in Europe, commented on the draw this pricy and unique automobile should generate once it hits the auction block.

“We have a great track record in selling incredible and iconic movie cars, and this particular Lotus is certainly up there amongst the most famous cars of all time,” says Girardo. “Over the years, millions of moviegoers have stared in awe as the Lotus transformed itself into a submarine, and now, perhaps one of them will have an opportunity to own it.”

Of course, if I dropped $500,000 on a new car, you better be damn sure I’m not letting it go underwater.

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