John Daly: Inside the Lion’s Den

Golfing World recently visited “The Lion” John Daly at his awesome home in Arkansas to interview the two-time major champion about his life and career. As you can see by the video below, Big John sure wore his Sunday best in preparation for the camera.

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You see that wall behind Johnny? That’s a mural depicting his British Open victory in all his mullet-wearing glory. It is truly spectacular in so many ways.

Daly is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, as evidenced by the hat and t-shirt he donned for the interview. I’m perfectly fine with showing your support for an NFL team at any point. What I’m not OK with is socks with sandals. Come on, JD. Friends don’t let friends wear socks and sandals. It’s an epidemic.

Some other amazing Daly nuggets we mined from this interview:

  • He prefers to spend most of his time in his bus, even when he’s home.
  • He keeps his Christmas tree up year-round.
  • He has an amazing autographed guitar collection, including one signed by the Rolling Stones.
  • His house is filled with lions – statues, pictures and art.
  • He donated $30,000 of his PGA Championship winnings to the family of a man who was struck by lightening during the tournament.
  • Although he’s the only two-time major winner to never play on the team, he would like to captain the Ryder Cup team at some point so he can “loosen the guys up.”
  • He home schools his son “Little John.”

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