John Elway & 9 Hilariously Awkward Press Conferences

John Elway has two Super Bowl rings and is the general manager of the Denver Broncos, so it’s OK for him to toot his own horn. At his press conference on Tuesday, Elway did just that — unintentionally, however.

Prior to taking questions from the media, Elway wanted to open by thanking a very important part of the organization: himself. Wait, what?

See for yourself.

Of course, Elway meant to thank former Broncos head coach John Fox, who mutually parted ways with the team after Denver’s loss Sunday.

Poor John Elway … he was just trying to be nice.

While this blunder seems catastrophic, it isn’t. Not compared to some of the iconic press conferences we’ve seen over the course of time.

Here are some of our favorites:

Cam Newton The Robot Is Worried About ‘Donkey Kong Suh’

Cam Newton doesn’t mess around when it comes to pressers. He’s been known to wear some interesting outfits and act like a robot at the podium as displayed in this video. I think we found out what “Super Cam’s” kryptonite is: ‘Donkey Kong Suh.’

Allen Iverson Is Talking About Practice

This list wouldn’t be complete if Allen Iverson’s epic “practice” rant wasn’t included. We all learned a valuable lesson that day, with that being “don’t talk to Allen Iverson about practice.” 

Brian Scalabrine Roasts Reporter After Championship Win

Ah, the ‘Scalamonster.’ Brian Scalabrine might not be the best athlete to grace this fine planet, but he is one of the funniest. In this post-game press conference, a reporter asks him what it’s like to not play a second in the game. His response was one for the ages.

Shaq Takes Phone Call During Retirement Presser

Leave it to Shaquille O’Neal to turn an emotional press conference into something hilarious and very Shaq-esque. Quite possibly the funniest basketball player on Earth, Shaq answered a (fake) phone call to accept the Knicks general manager job just as he was walking away from the game.

Jim Mora Politely Asks You Not To Talk About The Playoffs

You know how this one goes. 

Tony Romo Is Terrell Owens’ Quarterback

“That’s my teammate. That’s my quarterback.” And that’s all Terrell Owens needed to say before he broke down in tears defending Tony Romo. As emotional as Owens was, it’s hard to watch this one and not laugh or giggle slightly. 

Richard Sherman & ‘Doug Baldwin’ Get Creative

This one done by the always-entertaining Richard Sherman and ‘Doug Baldwin’ gets major points for creativity. In order to discuss their teammate Marshawn Lynch’s reluctance to speak to the media, Sherman and a cardboard cutout of Doug Baldwin took matters into their own hands and gave us all something to talk about.

Chris Paul Slips-Up During Presser, Gets Big Smile From Blake Griffin

Chris Paul tried to tell the media that the defense dictated the team’s offense … he just got the words out of order and forgot to put the “tate” in “dictate.” Clearly Blake Griffin didn’t miss Paul’s slip-up, and neither did the rest of the Internet.

Herm Edwards Plays To Win The Game

Herm Edwards just wanted everyone to know that “you play to win the game.” As if it wasn’t obvious enough, he just needed to reiterate the point. Well done, Herm. We’ll never forget it.


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