Jordan Spieth Designs Short-Game Course at UT


When Jordan Spieth isn’t busy setting ridiculous records as a 24-year-old on the PGA Tour, he may be found working on his next career: golf course design. The University of Texas product recently unveiled his first design project at the school he called home for a little over a year. 

The Spieth Lower 40 is a 6-hole short-game course at UT Golf Club in Austin, Texas. The course will be opened for play in the coming weeks. 

Ben Alberstadt of had more details about Spieth’s role in the design.

The University of Texas men’s golf team is currently No. 6 in the country; the women are No. 18. Those rankings could get better in the coming years. Why? The ultimate recruiting tool: A short-game course designed with Jordan Spieth’s help.


Incoming students will no doubt be wowed by the the Spieth Lower 40 (“Forty Acres” is a colloquial reference to UT’s campus as a whole). Built on 4.5 acres, the Lower 40 is a six-hole par-3 course.

Roy Bechtol, designer of the University of Texas championship course, assisted with the project, but Spieth had a hand in everything from layout, to contouring, to green positions.

The six holes range from 80 to 125 yards in length. Greens are between 2,800 and 4,000 square feet. The course features four different grasses.



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