Jordan Spieth Makes CFP Picks As Only He Can

The entire sporting world will have its eyes fixed upon the two College Football Playoff games on New Year’s Eve, and that especially includes your favorite professional golfers. While there are numerous pros with connections to the four playoff teams, Jordan Spieth is not one of them, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t interested.

The two-time major champion will be defending one of his two 2016 titles next week in Maui, but before he goes to paradise, Spieth and his sponsor, AT&T, did a unique CFP pick ’em game using the 23-year-old’s favorite club. 

Although there was no real method to his madness, Spieth undoubtedly made good buddy Justin Thomas happy with his picks for the two semifinal games and the national championship. 

Of course, nothing goes as smoothly as the final product would lead you to believe, so AT&T gave us some outtakes as well.


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