Josh Kelley Pulls Off Incredibly Impressive Jenga Trick Shot


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Playing Jenga is difficult enough with your hands and a few friends. The pressure of not knocking over the tower and the onus that rests on your shoulders to rebuild it for the next game is usually enough to make mere mortals wilt under the pressure.

However, if you’re a trick shot master like Josh Kelley, who goes by @holein1trickshots on Instagram, you raise the ante and attempt to play the ultimate game of precision with a piece of turf, a golf ball and a club.

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What’s more, Kelly didn’t try to just wiggle out a side piece that wasn’t locked into place by the weight of the tower. No, instead Kelley went for the ultimate in Jenga moves: a swift and decisive removal of an entire layer. Even when playing normally, there needs to be incredible speed and focus to pull it off, but when you’re 10 yards away from the tower hitting a punch shot to a target that’s smaller than the size of a golf hole, you better possess out-of-this-world skills.

Luckily for the golfing and sporting public — as well as the general population as well; this video has shown up everywhere from talk shows to SportsCenter — Josh Kelley is not of this world. 

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Here are a few more of impressive trick shots for your viewing pleasure. 


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