Just In Time For Holidays: Beer-Flavored Cigars

It’s a frequent male conundrum: Your wife says you can have either a beer or a cigar, but not both. From now on, men, always choose cigar. Always. Because there are now beer-flavored cigars.

And not just some random, weak beer. It’s Sam Adams!

The popular brewery recently teamed with Ted’s Cigars, a wholesale and online seller of premium cigars that already boasts infusions with Maker’s Mark whisky, Grand Marnier liqueur, and Patron tequila. The Samuel Adams Utopias Cigar is available in only November and December, so buy now.

Samuel Adams Utopias Cigar 600px

As for the type of beer, you’ll be smoking Utopias, which is a special limited-batch brew that sells for $199 a bottle. But to the cigar it brings its vanilla and maple flavors that come from a combo of different brews finished in port and single-use bourbon casks.

As for the tobacco, the Sam Adams Cigars use a mixture from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Brazil to make a caramelized taste.

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