Kangaroo Mob Invades Aussie Golf Course


Wildlife on the golf course is nothing new. After all, technically we’re invading their space. While the latest craze has been alligators at least in the United States, it’s a different story in Australia. Naturally, kangaroos interrupted a game of golf, and we are not just talking a few. We’re talking about a full out mob.

A couple of weeks ago, Greg Tannos was playing a friendly game at Sanctuary Point Country Club when an absurd amount of eastern grey kangaroos hopped onto the fairway creating an unexpected hazard. Like any savvy amateur golfer, he tried to play through, pushing his clubs while his mate filmed the whole Plant Earth-like encounter. Here is the footage:


Once the camera was rolling, Tannos weaved his way to his ball herding some of them to the side in the process. Then he took out his trusty five-iron and like spectators in an Australasia Tour gallery, the kangaroos parted, providing a clear path to the target. Judging by the audio and his laugh, unfortunately, it appears Tannos hit one of them on that gorgeous looking swing. Hopefully, he signed a glove and gave it to that poor roo.

[h.t. Golf DigestABC News]


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