Kangaroo Attacks Golfer At Australian Course

Golf is a preferred hobby of many types of people, and one’s ability to enjoy some physical activity out in nature is a major reason why. 

As golf is played all over the world, different regions present slightly different experiences with the outside world and the creatures that inhabit them. Case in point: Australia and the national animal of the country, the kangaroo.

Locals and regulars Down Under know the prevailing wisdom that comes with a kangaroo encounter on the course: neither party is — or should be — looking for an altercation, so simply moving on and away is the best option. 

The Rules of Golf even have a provision for this, or other encounters, with potentially dangerous situations. Rule 16.2 states that “a ‘dangerous animal condition’ exists when a dangerous animal (such as poisonous snakes, stinging bees, alligators, fire ants or bears) near a ball could cause serious physical injury to the player if he or she had to play the ball as it lies.”

If you’re thinking that a kangaroo doesn’t qualify as a “dangerous animal condition,” ask this guy what he thinks. 

The video, which is making the rounds on social media this week, shows the golfer defending himself from an aggressive kangaroo with a golf club as the filming party speeds towards the confrontation in a cart. After failing to connect on a few swings, the golfer falls to the ground before the video cuts out. 

“A golfer came under attack in Australia today from a fired-up kangaroo in the middle of the fairway in an unprovoked attack,” the YouTube description of the video reads. “The kangaroo came racing across the fairway and started attacking the golfer immediately in a surprise attack. The quick actions of the second golf cart charging at it forced it to retreat and more serious injuries avoided. The kangaroo skipped off okay and was monitored by ground staff.”

This isn’t the first — and likely not the last — time a golfer has a run-in with a kangaroo while playing in Oz. A viral clip of another rogue kangaroo made headlines last year around this time as a kangaroo gave chase to some golfers in a cart. It’s amassed nearly 4 million views on YouTube.