Pro “Naturally” Inks Deal With New Beer Sponsor

Sponsorships have been part of professional golf for decades. Some deals have made sense in the past and others make you scratch your head (see: Jim Furyk). This latest one is a perfect fit.

Pro golfer, proud millennial, and #SB2K16 MVP Smylie Kaufman has teamed up with light beer specialist, Natural Light, for the immediate future according to a “press release” on Twitter.

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While it’s still unclear in what capacity the 24-year old LSU grad will proudly display the Anheuser-Busch brand on the golf course, the possibilities seem endless. Worst case, he gets free beer.

Whether Natural Light’s, or as the kids call it Natty Light’s, strategy was intentional or not, it has become an unofficial sponsor of college campuses across the nation offering their watered down elixir as a cheap, efficient way for the 21+ crowd to party.

In a sport where beer can be consumed during play, adding Smylie to the mix expands it’s reach into untapped territory. 

Kaufman, who is already in the Ralph Lauren Polo stable, appears to be trying to broaden his appeal to multiple income levels. From a business perspective, the kid knows what he’s doing. 

That’s why they call him the MVP.


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