Keegan Bradley Fires Shots at GoPro Drone

Keegan Bradley has one of the most unique and repetitive routines in golf. He takes several steps toward the ball, almost doing somewhat of a dance, before actually lining up to hit. So what happens when something disrupts Bradley’s pre-shot performance? You don’t want to find out.

In this video, a drone with a GoPro was the culprit. The drone buzzed around above Bradley’s head while he was trying to sink a putt, and Bradley was not happy. He responded by lacing several golf balls at the hovering drone until he eliminated it.

Keegan: 1, Drone: 0

It takes real talent to be able to hit a flying object with a golf ball, but that’s why he’s on the PGA Tour, right?

A lesson to be learned: If you ever have a buzzing drone problem at your local country club, you know who to call.