Kessler Takes No Prisoners In Social Media Firefight

Peter Kessler is a name — and voice —very familiar to golf fans. The former host of Golf Channel’s “Golf Talk Live,” among a cavalcade of other credits in and around the game, boasts a golf media résumé that rivals anyone in the last 30 years. 

Appearing on Sirius XM’s PGA Tour Radio and earlier this decade, Kessler has resurfaced in the most modern way possible in recent: on social media. Once dubbed “The Voice of Golf,” Kessler is not one to shy away from confrontation online, responding to and debating against any and all comers.

Perhaps his most notable exchange — and most contentious — has come in the last 72 hours following a critique of new-age golf media juggernauts No Laying Up. NLU released a promo video for their since-released second season of “Tourist Sauce,” a venture that documents the five-man company traveling to golf destinations around the world.

The preview, which largely mixes drone footage with highlights of the courses and golfers, received a poor review from Kessler who called the clip “one of the worst things ever presented.”

From there, the floodgates opened. NLU, whose main account boasts over 141,000 followers, saw many of its fans come to their defense and Kessler decided to fend off nearly each and every one of them in a barrage of tweets beginning on the evening of October 30th and, as of this writing, still continues into November 1st. 

Kessler’s responses, most of which referenced his own body of work as the barometer by which he was judging, devolved into insults and namecalling. 

The following are certainly not all of Kessler’s responses, but a representative sample of the hundreds of Tweets the former Golf Channel host has sent in the past 72 hours.