Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers – Episode 3 – Peter And The Shark

Iconic golf personalities Peter Kostis and Gary McCord host a new, video podcast, Kostis & McCord “Off Their Rockers.”

The two former broadcast partners have teamed up once again, this time to provide commentary, interviews, entertainment and swing help for golfers of all levels on their weekly show.

In Episode 3 – Peter And The Shark, Peter tells an incredible story about his observation Saturday night in 1996 at the Masters. Even though Greg Norman had a 6-shot lead over Nick Faldo, Peter noticed that the grip change Norman made with Butch Harmon earlier in the week was beginning to revert back and that the Shark was showing some signs of a two-way miss that proved to be costly! When Norman heard what Kostis thought he said off the record he went off!

Later in the episode, Coach Kostis gives us three more tips to help our games and Peter & Gary interview Gene Parente of Golf Labs, the leading independent testing company in golf, about the newly proposed USGA and R&A ball rollback.