Late Night Online Purchase: The Golf Slot Machine


Golfers are gear heads, equipment nerds and endless tinkerers, so when one of those late-night infomercials comes on promising instant results after having a few drinks, we listen a little more intently and have a tendency to get a little click-happy online. That’s where our Late Night Online Purchases franchise comes in, a review of a certain piece of equipment, training aid or something else that caught our eye with the help of our friends at

All golfers are looking for that swing secret that will make us hit the ball straighter and farther. We may never have the picture-perfect swing of an Adam Scott or a Louis Oosthuizen, but thanks to the Golf Slot Machine, we can get the club in the proper position coming into impact.

The Golf Slot Machine is a simple aid developed by Bob Krause that turns golfers into reactionary athletes. As Krause explains it, if someone were to toss a ball to you, your instinctive athletic nature is to catch it. However, in golf, the action of hitting the ball is static. The Golf Slot Machine tries to turn the golf swing into a reactionary movement that forces the player to solve a problem while also getting them to swing on plane by dropping the club into the slot. 


The Slot Machine’s design is easy to use. You place the ball slightly inside of where you typically would, and then you simply follow the graphics on the training aid. Taking the club back and then forcing yourself to react to the design for the follow through, you drop the club into the slot, which creates an in-to-out path, ridding golfers of the slice and creating better contact.

While the slot portion of the aid is the big selling point, if you flip over the Golf Slot Machine, you’ll find an alignment aid that not only helps you to aim correctly, it also shows you recommended ball positions so that you know you’re getting the most out of your practice.

[Golf Slot Machine]


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