Late Night Online Purchase: Strike Zone Impact Bag


Golfers are gear heads, equipment nerds and endless tinkerers, so when one of those late-night infomercials comes on promising instant results after having a few drinks, we listen a little more intently and have a tendency to get a little click-happy online. That’s where our Late Night Online Purchases franchise comes in, a review of a certain piece of equipment, training aid or something else that caught our eye with the help of our friends at

Are you having trouble understanding why your golf ball is going where it is? All of the technology in the world can tell you what your swing is doing, how the path is coming into the ball, what kinds of angles your creating, but for a lot of amateurs seeing is believing. 

Knowing that your path into contact is two degress from the inside is nice to have in the back of your head, but an impact bag delivers immediate and visual feedback that can help you going backwards from impact to diagnose your issues. 

The impact bag has a few uses and advantages, but the most impressive aspect is the simplicity with which we receive our information. We all know the key to a straight ball flight is a square face at impact, so what better way to see what we need to adjust than seeing our club face at the bottom of the swing. 

The golf swing takes less that three seconds from beginning to end, and that moment of contact is so quick, you can never expect to fully see and diagnose your issues with the naked eye. The impact bag solves that problem, improves your face awareness and hones your swing with real-time feedback.

[Strike Zone Impact Bag]


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