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Golfers are gear heads, equipment nerds and endless tinkerers, so when one of those late-night infomercials comes on promising instant results after having a few drinks, we listen a little more intently and have a tendency to get a little click-happy online. That’s where our Late Night Online Purchases franchise comes in, a review of a certain piece of equipment, training aids or something else that caught our eye.

Dirty golf clubs are not only an eyesore, they also can negatively impact your ability to play your best golf, which is where the Tidy Golfer comes into play. Replacing the inconvenience of finding, wetting and most importantly, not losing a towel, the Tidy Golfer uses a patent-pending technology that uniquely can clean your club face, grooves and ball with one swipe of the hand.


The Tidy Golfer’s neoprene material can simply be wetted at the beginning of the round and it will stay damp for the the duration of the day. The synthetic rubber inside holds in the moisture, while the outside cover remains dry. Best of all, the Tidy Golfer clips to your bag, and you’ll never have to worry about backtracking 300 yards or more to pick up a dropped towel.

The shape of the Tidy Golfer is designed perfectly to fit any kind of iron, and with a quick wipe of the thumb, the club looks brand new again.

You can buy the Tidy Golfer on the company’s website, or on for as low as $17.97.

[Tidy Golfer]

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