Let Artificial Intelligence Choose Your Clubs

It doesn’t matter how far you think you can hit that 8-iron, SwingU’s AI knows that you should be hitting the 6-iron.

With shot tracking and “smart” club recommendations, SwingU’s algorithm takes into account past club choices based on your tracked shots and couples it with real-time wind speed and elevation to give you an accurate “plays like” distance as well as the proper club for that shot.

Stop guessing at a one-club-wind and swing with more confidence knowing that you’re playing the right club based upon your individual data points.

How To Use Shot Tracking & “Smart” Club Recommendations

In order to use SwingU’s “Smart” Club Recommendations, you first need to give the app the necessary information to allow it to properly pull the right club for you. First, you must make sure that your bag setup is correct. Go to your Profile, then Clubs. There, you can set up your bag in the app to mirror what clubs you’re carrying on the course.

After that, you must track a few rounds worth of shots to give the app a full understanding of the distances you hit each club.

To track a shot, once you’ve started a round, simply select the Track button on the bottom left of your phone screen from the place you struck the shot. Select the club you hit and proceed to your ball. Once you’ve reached your ball, tap End Shot and the app will save the distance of the shot using SwingU’s built-in GPS capabilities. 

Once you’ve tracked multiple shots with each club within your app, SwingU’s AI will populate a recommended club based upon the shot at hand underneath the true shot distance on the upper right-hand portion of the screen display.

This club recommendation will be made using SwingU’s “Plays Like” distances to help you select the proper club for the shot at hand using all of SwingU’s AI capabilities in order to help you make the best decision possible.