Looking To Buy Masters Tickets? Buyers And Sellers Beware

A ticket to the Masters is one of the most sought-after tickets in sports. And this week at Augusta National, those who are thinking about buying their badges on the secondary market should take extra precaution before shelling out big money for tickets, travel and accommodations in Augusta, Georgia.

As Golf.com’s Adam Schupak reported, Augusta National is cracking down on tickets being sold by third-party vendors. While ticket sellers will receive a full refund for the tickets they purchased from Augusta National Golf Club, their tickets have been invalidated and their names have been “permanently removed from all ticket lists,” which does nothing for the buyers who will show up at the gates with invalid tickets.

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So, how is Augusta National able to identify who is selling their tickets and who purchased them from the club correctly? A color-coded strip on the bottom of tickets that can be deciphered by ANGC’s ticket police to trace the ticket’s original purchaser.

As you can see below, some sellers of the tickets have been more discreet than others, which theoretically protects them — and their buyers — from using the cipher. 


Face value of practice round tickets are only $75, with the four tournament round badges going for $115 a piece. Tickets have been sold out for the event since 1972, but the club offers a lottery program that allows would-be patrons to enter for a chance to win a coveted ticket to the grounds. 

While there is always some risk associated with buying on the secondary market, at least one top reseller, StubHub, has vowed to help make things right for jilted patrons should it come to that, according to the Golf.com article. 

“We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you get into an event, even if that means spending money to make sure we get supply elsewhere,” StubHub spokesperson Cameron Papp said. “As a very last resort you’ll get your money back and a voucher. We hope it doesn’t come to that.”

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