Loudmouth Golf Store Goes International

Loudmouth Golf, the creators of the super-unique golf apparel line most often seen worn by pro John Daly, has announced that their online product store is now international.

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According to a press release on Tuesday, the company’s Made To Order (MTO) online store will include golf pants, shirts and other accessories that can be customized to any customer’s preference. That means golfers with unique apparel sizes – such as Loudmouth_Article1a 43-inch waist and 29-inch length – are no longer an issue.

“This is a big deal for Loudmouth and our international customers,” says Loudmouth Golf CEO Larry Jackson in the press release. “Previously, all MTO orders had to be processed through our USA website, but now they can make a custom purchase along with any regular items and pay in their country currency with no extra customs or hidden duties.”

“Now all our customers will have access to the entire range of Loudmouth made-to-order designs including new and vintage prints along with products that have been previously accessible only to the US making for a highly effective customer shopping experience.”

Loudmouth plans on adding more apparel options to the website in the coming weeks, including ladies’ skirts, windshirts, and men’s suit vests.

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