Man Holds Up 7-Eleven With A Golf Club, Doesn’t End Well

Golf clubs being used as weapons are becoming an all-to-familiar occurrence. In fact, just the other day a mother was arrested after striking a boy with one. Now, A San Diego man is in custody after holding up a 7-Eleven for nearly two hours with one, along with an alleged meth pipe. 

ABC 10 News has the full report:

The incident began when a man entered the 7-Eleven store on South Coast Highway near Cassidy Street around 1:00 a.m.

Armed with a golf club, the man demanded a pack of cigarettes. The clerk ran outside and called Oceanside police while the man remained inside the store and refused to come out once authorities arrived on scene.

During the two-hour ordeal, the man allegedly yelled profanities while holding the golf club, and police told 10News that the man also had a meth pipe in his hand.

Police eventually rushed the store door, shooting the suspect with a 40mm non-lethal round, Anderegg reported. A police K-9 was also seen biting the man.

Moral of the story? Don’t do drugs. 

[ABC 10 News]


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