Man Holds Up Golf Club Thief At Gunpoint

There are a couple of things that golfers take very seriously and the top item on that list is their clubs. As one man found out earlier this week, you better not try to steal clubs from a former officer and then attempt to sell them in a Golf Galaxy parking lot. 

A video appears to show a man threatening to shoot and kill a theft suspect wanted for stealing golf clubs in Tulsa Wednesday, but police have not charged the man with the gun.

The incident happened outside Golf Galaxy near 71st and Mingo. The theft suspect is Devon Montgomery, 24. He suspected of taking the golf clubs from a nearby course and trying to sell them.

He was meeting a potential buyer at the location when the armed owner of the clubs caught up to him, Tulsa police said.

While the video alone wasn’t enough to charge Montgomery, police said, they would continue to investigate. How about that for some renegade justice, golf style?



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