Man Makes Two Aces, Loses Balls Immediately

If you made a hole-in-one, what would you do with the ball?

Better question, what if you made two of them in the same round? Sounds hypothetical, right? Not if you’re Gregory P. Shaughnessy. It really happened and he’s got nothing to show for it except for a memory.

Shaughnessy was invited to play 18 holes at Rockville Centre Links Club in Rockville Centre, N.Y. by a friend and it turned out to be a round to remember.

A self-proclaimed “high handicapper,” Shaughnessy was having a fairly standard day hovering well above par, but things changed drastically when he got to the fifth hole where he aced the 135-yard par-3. Five holes later, lightening struck again on the 105-yard 10th hole when his tee shot found the bottom of the cup.

To put that in perspective, according to Golf Digest, the odds of an amateur making two aces in the same round is 162,000,000 to 1.

Here’s the kicker: he lost both prized golf balls on the very next tee shots following each of the aces! While details aren’t clear how far OB they went, one can only assume they weren’t pretty.

“All the while we are talking about the odds of two aces in the same round and I joke that I would like to see the odds and statistics of hitting two aces in the same round and losing both balls,” Shaughnessy said.

Maybe these guys are friends:

Spoken like a true amateur. Well done, sir.

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