Man On Mission To Repair His Broken Windshield

How far would you go to find a guilty golfer who shattered your car’s windshield? For Sylvester Tuohy, the answer is getting a news team on the case. He was recently driving on a public street through a private New Jersey country club when an errant golf ball shattered the windshield of his uninsured 1987 BMW 325i. After several failed attempts for restitution, Tuhoy had enough.

Howard Thompson of PIX 11 has the full report:

Sylvester says it happened as he was driving on a public street that goes through the White Beeches Golf Course in Haworth, N.J. when an errant shot hit his car.

He filed a police report, but the police never got the names of the golfers with whom they spoke. So Sylvester asked White Beeches, a private club, to reimburse him for the damage.

The club refused. So Sylvester got in touch with me.

Sylvester and I went back to White Beeches where the General Manager, Manny Gonzalez, was very welcoming. At least to me. Sylvester was not so welcome.

Manny Gonzalez told me, “We’ve actually tried to work with me Touhy. We took his letter to our insurance. They do not see liability on their end.”

He put me on the phone with club President, Donald Onorato. He said the club would not reimburse Sylvester. So I asked if the board might reconsider.

“I will certainly tell the board at our next meeting,” he told me “And I will tell them what a gentleman you are.”

Ah, the power of the media!



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