Man Protests Closing of Course with Grinch Sign


There are some things golfers simply will not tolerate; shutting down and moving their home course is one of those things. 


For Patrick Giammalva, the Bryan (Texas) City Council’s decision to transform a local municipal course into a “super park” not only takes away Giammalva’s home course, it also affects the value of his home. With so much on the line, Giammalva decided the best way to voice his displeasure was a one-man protest on the streets of Bryan.

KBTX-TV’s Whitney Miller had the story.

A Bryan man says he is still upset with the Bryan City Council for a decision they made nearly a week ago to accept a donation of more than one hundred acres of the Bryan Municipal Golf Course.

The decision will move the muni course to the Briarcrest course at the Phillips Event Center in order to make room for a proposed super park.

Sunday, Patrick Giammalva took his frustrations to the streets in protest. Carrying his golf clubs and holding a sign that says “Grinch Nelson stole golf,” Giammalva walked the distance from his home to the Briarcrest course.

A distance he says he will have to travel now that the muni course, which is in his backyard, will be turned into a super park.


“This makes it personal for me,” said Giammalva. “Not only do I play golf over there but he is taking my golf course away and devaluating my property. I have tried to develop that property out before I develop that property out, I got to clean it up, and that’s what I’ve been doing.”

The proposed super park would have baseball, softball and soccer fields, restaurants, a skate park, a disc golf course, an amphitheater, pavilions, and a sports learning center.

City officials say construction on the super park is about a year away. The city says they will first need to find a firm to get the planning process started.




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