Man Stabbed For Slow Play

Slow play has been an epidemic in golf for years and only seems to be getting worse. The disease has gotten so bad, some people have actually resorted to stabbing. in Utah has the gruesome story:

A group of four was playing a round of golf at the Payson City Golf Course when the man behind them started getting irritated about how slow they were playing, according to police. The upset male tried to get ahead of the group, but the group did not allow the man to play through. Police said there was an altercation, but golf course officials were able to de-escalate the situation.

Later at the ninth hole, the upset male ran into the foursome again and another altercation started. The upset man stabbed one of the four individuals and another man received a cut to the head while he was wrestling the suspect down.

The individual stabbed was taken to the hospital. Police said the victim’s injuries were not serious.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the Utah County Jail. Details on charges were not immediately released.

While there is no video of the event, you could imagine it looked something like this. Just add in a sharp object.

To put this in perspective, they didn’t even make it to the turn before the altercation took place. It begs the question, how slow were these guys? With the professional tours instituting new slow play policies generally in the form of fines, chances are they will take a pass on physically harming their talent.



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