Man Suing Carnival Cruises After Club Impales Him

The argument of whether or not golf is a sport rages on around the world, but there are few sports that a spin-off of the original can cause as severe an injury as what happened to Dzung Tran.

Traveling aboard the Carnival Splendor, Tran was enjoying a round of mini golf on the ship’s deck when everything went horribly wrong. Kevin Casey at pieced together the reports

As TMZ reports, a Carnival cruise passenger is suing the cruise line after suffering a terrifying experience last summer.

Dzung Tran was playing mini-golf aboard the Carnival Splendor when he apparently tripped over a loose border on the course. The fall would result in numerous injuries, none more bone-chilling though than this: Tran tore a major artery in an upper arm after BEING IMPALED BY A GOLF CLUB.

Here are photos of what that impaling did. Seriously, only look if you have a strong stomach. Gruesome wasn’t an exaggeration.

Tran is suing Carnival after acquiring this injury, claiming the mini-golf course was poorly maintained and not built to code.

Here’s a video of what the Splendor’s course looks like.



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