Marshawn Lynch Has An Awful Golf Swing

Golf is a great way for former athletes in other sports to keep their competitive fire going long after their playing days are over. Luckily for Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, he’s still in the midst of his playing days, which is a good thing for anyone trying to play golf near or behind him.

BeastMode, as Lynch is known on the football field, was filmed by Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson earlier this week teeing it up. A few balls scattered not far from the tee suggested what was about to happen, but Lynch managed to still exceed already-poor expectations with this swing.

The nicest thing we can say is that Lynch has a little Hideki Matsuyama pause at the top of the swing and there’s definitely some speed there. We won’t begrudge anyone from picking up the game, but it’s probably best that Lynch hit up the driving range before taking it out on the course next time.