Mini Tour Pro Possibly Makes World’s Longest Putt

The title of “Maker of the World’s Longest Putt” has a shared and cluttered history, but there may be an outright winner thanks to a bomb made this week by mini-tour golfer Zac Radford. 


Radford was on the practice green at the Golf Club of Tennessee on Tuesday morning and decided to get creative during a practice session. The courses’ donut-shaped putting green made for an insanely impressive putt that fell into the cup with perfect line and perfect speed.


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Although Radford’s putt did not come in competition, it surely belongs in the pantheon of some of the greatest long putts ever made.

According to’s Joel Beall, both Jack Nicklaus and Nick Price made 110-foot putts in competition, but those pale in comparison to Bob Cook who nailed a 140-footer at St. Andrews during a 1976 International Fourball. Not to be outdone and also taking place at St. Andrews, Olympian Michael Phelps drained a 159-foot putt during the 2012 Dunhill Links. 

Lastly, there was this trick shot from How Ridiculous’ (that’s the trick shot group’s name) Brett Stanford last year

So, who does the record belong to in your mind? Let us know below in the comments.


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