MLB Star’s Lamborghini Spits Fire — Literally

If you were slated to make $10,500,000 this year and had accumulated more than $25 million in just the last three, what kind of car would you buy?

The possible answers to that question are endless with so many different concept, sport and luxury cars coming to mind.

In the case of MLB star Yoenis Cespedes, we know exactly which car he’d go for: a custom, fire-breathing Lamborghini Aventador.

Cespedes, who was recently traded from the Boston Red Sox to the Detroit Tigers, will be roaming the hometown of the American auto industry in this ridiculous Lamborghini.

The car was customized for the Cuban-born outfielder by The Auto Firm. According to Auto Evolution, the upgrades include a paint job (satin black with dark blue accents), Avorza AV3 wheels, a new Audison Hertz sound system and — how could we forget? — the custom exhaust that spits fire.


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