Money Troubles Close Hawaii Course

A popular golf course on the Island of Oahu has closed without notice indefinitely as it appears the course is behind on rent payments, per KOHN2 in Honolulu

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Olomana golf course was open for business last Friday but was a ghost town on Saturday as it closed abruptly, and indefinitely.  According to KOHN2, the owners of the course are behind in rent payments to the state and paid $35,000 to the Department of Land and Natural Resouces.  The course is arrears $110,000 to the state. 


The day after a busy day of golf, the lights were off, buildings shuttered and equipment missing. The company that owned the golf carts repossessed the vehicles. The distributor of the golf carts said it had no choice. 

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“The last thing we want being involved in the sport and the industry is for a golf course to be closed,” Hinazumi corporation said.

Olomana’s green fees were $89 with a shared cart.  The course is located in Waimanalo, Oahu Hawaii and is near Lanikai and Waimanalo Beach. 


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