More Cute Kids! Ian Poulter’s Son Drives Mini Cart

So did we miss the memo or something? Is this Cute Kid Week?

First there was Bubba Watson’s son getting in some swings after the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Then there were a bunch of kids with beautiful swings. Now we have the youngest of Ian Poulter’s lads, Joshua, driving around a mini golf cart with every type of ball he owns resting on the roof.

Ian Poulter Son

A couple observations:

1) How great are those golf clubs? The clubheads are nearly as big as Joshua’s head. We could use some adult clubs like that.

2) A basketball hoop on the back of the cart? How genius is that? That’s something else we should implement at the adult level. It’d be the perfect way to pass time when you’re stuck waiting on the tee box for the group ahead of you.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Poulter the proud papa has shown off his son. Joshua’s pretty cute when stuffed into a golf bag too.

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