Nearly 900 Golf Balls have Hit Colorado Home

Homes that sit along golf courses come with a price. Usually, that’s a high dollar amount, as views of pristine greens and fairways add some “scenic costs” to the value of a home.

Then, of course, there’s the price you pay if your property sits a few hundred yards down range from a tee box. Even the best golfers splay shots every once in a while, and weaker golfers slice and hook their drives like that’s the object of the game.

A family in Erie, Colo., which sits 30 minutes north of Denver, knows golfers’ lack of ball control better than maybe anyone. The Bynum’s house is adjacent to the Vista Ridge Golf Course, and they estimate that it’s been pelted with nearly 900 golf balls in the eight years they’ve lived there. Some balls are still stuck in the walls.

Jim Bynum says $12,000 worth of damage has been done to the home, which he thinks could be solved if a safety net were installed along the edge of the course. But neighbors, the homeowners’ association and the golf course would all have to agree to put one up.

“Everybody says no,” Bynum says. Because their precious views of the course and the surrounding mountains are more important than the safety of Bynum, his wife and his children.

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