New Way to Ride: Custom Lowrider Golf Cart with Hydraulics

Because you never know when your ball might have such a nasty lie that your cart needs to go up on three wheels, you can now buy a lowrider golf cart with hydraulics. Or for those of you who don’t belong to a club that allows custom carts on the course … you can now buy a lowrider golf cart with hydraulics because you probably can’t afford a real lowrider with hydraulics.

The golf cart is much cheaper than a real lowrider, and not even close to the $50,000 you’d need to fork over for the Batmobile golf cart. Posted on Craigslist in La Quinta, Calif. (near the popular golf getaway of Palm Springs), is this bad boy for $2,850:

Lowrider 2

Lowrider 3

The posting reads as follows:

“For sale is my custom lowrider golf cart which started out as a Western golf cart by EzGo. It has the original 2 stroke gas engine and runs great. It has 2 Chrome Pro Hopper pumps, 1 up front and 1 in back. 2, 12 volt batteries, year or so old. I wired up a new chrome 9 switch box, and comes with a clear 10 switch box that also works. It does all the standard positions, even 3 wheels. Everything works. It has lights, carpet and vinyl seats. … The body is fiberglass looks good just needs some work.”

We’re not sure what “all the standard positions” are, but it’s probably safe to assume they’re not very standard on a golf course. That’s not to say they can’t become standard positions if more lowrider carts find their way onto the links, to which we’re not opposed.

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