#Newsworthy9: In The Huddle

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Just in case you were too busy finding ways to explain how Phil Mickelson won a tournament with the word “Open” in it, here are a few news items you may have missed:

1) Phil Finally Gets His Open – While it might not be the U.S. Open title, Mickelson’s masterful performance on Sunday gave him his first Open Championship crown and fifth career major. Be sure to check out Jon Ackerman’s run down of how it all happened.

2) Woody Austin Wins in Mississippi – PGA Tour players not involved last week’s major competed at the Sanderson Farms Championship in Madison, Miss. Lo and behold, 49-year old Woody Austin came out on top with the title after a three-man playoff. Not bad for an old guy.


3) Billy Joe Tolliver Wins American Century Championship – A third golf tournament was also going on this week at the American Century Championship, where sports legends from today and yesteryear compete in an annual fan-fest. Tolliver won the event for the fourth time after scraping by Mark Rypen in a playoff.

4) Gators LB Arrested for Barking at Police Dog – You can’t really make this kind of story up. Who knew barking at a dog was considered a crime? Are there any laws against dressing cats up in tiny outfits? Not that I would know… I’m just asking for a friend.

5) Tony Romo had a Cyst Removed – Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo had a nasty cyst removed from his back over the weekend, causing millions of football fans in Texas to call him a pansy.

6) A-Rod Is Injured. Again – It would seem that the Yankees third baseman should have much more on his mind – like going to jail for steroid use, for example – but he’s really, really bummed about injury his quad last week. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, man. And the HGH syringes.

7) Royal Baby is Born! – Princess Kate Middleton has finally given birth to the “Royal Baby” and it’s already getting all the spotlight.

8) Geraldo Tweeted a Half-Nude Selfie – Here’s a tip for all old men who used to host a talk show and are learning how to use Twitter: your smartphone camera is not your friend. Neither are your Twitter followers. Weirdo.

9) Bruce Willis Has an Awesome Wife – Mr. Die Hard’s beautiful wife – Emma Heming – recently said she has no problem with her husband making out with other women when making a film. There are about 300 different ways on how I think Bruce can take advantage of this, but I’m going to take a step back and leave this one alone.

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