NFL Player Makes Crazy Golf-Related Compromise


Anyone with a spouse knows that key to longevity in a relationship is compromise, but there need to be some parameters around said compromises. 


Take Denver Bronco’s tight end Jeff Heuerman, for example. Heuerman has a pretty good life: he’s reached the NFL, he plays golf and fishes in the offseason and he recently got engaged to a lovely woman by the name of Hannah May. 


May, it appears, feels the same way about Heuerman’s golf addiction as many significant others around the world and she would like her fiance to stop spending money on golf clubs, particularly drivers, in the near future. 

Heuerman took to Instagram last week to share the binding contract he signed with May that forbids him from purchasing a new driver in the next five years. 


If we could add some context to this whole sordid ordeal, let us not forget that five years ago the top drivers on the market were the Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme, the TaylorMade R1 and RocketBallz Stage 2 and the Nike VRS Covert.

There is a lot of innovation going on in the golf world, so just imagine what will be available in the next five years when Heuerman is stuck with an outdated driver.

Heuerman has made over $2 million in the NFL since coming out of the Ohio State University in 2015, so maybe once the wedding planning has died down, the reigns on his golf spending will loosen. Or maybe May will use this opportunity to gift some new equipment to her new fiance instead of him going out and buying it on his own.

The one silver lining? You don’t sign a contract like this without having just purchased a new driver, so it’s safe to assume there’s a new big stick in Heuerman’s bag this season. 


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