Obama’s Golf Fashion Makeover

A Presidental golf fashion makeover is definitely in order after Barack Obama’s round on the Vineyard over the weekend.  White polos should only be paired with bright colored pants not khakis!  This look drives us crazy. Could it be any more boring?  Who is going to sponsor him?

Obama wears the same thing every time he plays. He wore this exact outfit, complete with red cap and goofy white socks, in Hawaii in 2008!  Forward this to Obama please, as we recommend what he should wear on his next golf outing.

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Let’s start off with a polo from Alial Fital.  We chose presidential colors such as blue with red and white accents.  He should support a company who cares deeply about fair labor practices and quality control who are proudly manufacturing all of their apparel in the U.S.A.   Uniting two clothing staples with perfect synergy to create a dressed up look while remaining comfortable, Alial Fital polos are made by sewing a woven dress shirt collar, complete with collar stays, onto a soft and luxurious knit base fabric.  In addition, stateside production allows them to create limited quantities of each design, offering extremely unique pieces, rather than the typical mass production overseas. 


On a hot day, Obama should go with a relaxed fit pant rather than shorts.  It is not just for looks either. Think about seeing someone walking down the street in pajamas or a nice suit, which one do you respect more?  We put three looks together for him to choose from, the first is a safe classic choice with the light blue Alial Fital George Louis golf polo paired with Vineyard Vines navy blue relaxed fit pants.


The next ensemble is an eye-catching yet refined look.  Bonobos Maroon Gramercy Twill pants are made from luxurious imported Italian fabric. These premium chinos have a sleek, elegant fit that make them perfect for work, for play or some sophisticated combination of both. Pair these with the Alial Fital Roma Burgundy Polo so the trim matches the pants… because the state of this union is strong.


People tend to gravitate towards golf pants with safe colors such as black and khaki.  Since President Obama must have some sort of stylist choosing his clothes, there is no excuse for why he just wears plain khakis.  He should definitely go with a lightweight khaki pant instead.  It looks better paired with navy blue than a white so the Alial Fital Alexander shirt with anchors would have been perfect for the Vineyard.

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For over five years, Elle Brec is the leading source for golf fashion as published in New England Golf Monthly digital and print magazine, mynegm.com and more recently editor and writer of Golf Fashion Weekly digital magazine and golffashionweekly.com blog as well as a feature fashion and lifestyle writer in Fairways of Life magazine.


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