Ohio Man Offends With Tiger Woods Halloween Costume

A Lakewood, Ohio nonprofit has publicly apologized after a man dressed in blackface depicting Tiger Woods marched in the organization’s Spooky Pooch Parade, an event in which dogs and their owners dress up for Halloween.

“LakewoodAlive is a non-profit community development organization whose mission is to foster and sustain vibrant neighborhoods. At the heart of Lakewood’s vibrancy is inclusiveness and diversity,” the apology read. “An individual marched in Saturday’s Spooky Pooch Parade with his family in a costume that is not consistent with our values as an inclusive organization and community. We apologize for not addressing the issue on the spot.

“Effective immediately, at all LakewoodAlive events, LakewoodAlive shall reserve the right to refuse individuals the ability to participate in events – either as participants or vendors – as LakewoodAlive board and staff may deem. We will attempt to exercise good judgment moving forward ensuring that we celebrate our inclusive community.”

The offending man was not identified. His costume included Woods’ trademark red shirt and black pants as well as a frame that read “BREAKING NEWS: TIGER’S BACK!”