Over-The-Shoulder Trick Shot Is a Must See


Over the shoulder chip and run, literally. #ifg #rep #indofreestylegolf #gottagolf #indonesia #jakarta #golftricks #teamswish @gotta_golf

A video posted by [2 syll. an-drey, and-r-ey] (@_andreyo) on

The advent of YouTube and Instagram have brought golf trick shots into the mainstream. As a result, we’re seeing the same golf-ball-bouncing, pass-it-your-parter, smash-a-driver run-of-the-mill trick shots on a daily basis.

However, this trick shot from @_andreyo was different. Not only did he hit a shot in a way we’ve never seen, he played the role of player and caddie with his take on the “chip and run.”

[h.t GolfDigest.com]


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