Top Amateur Bloodies Patron With Errant Tee Shot


There’s an agreed-upon risk golf fans take when they go to professional tournaments. Sure, you get to see the best players in the world up close and personal hitting shots you and your buddies can probably only dream of striking, but there’s a flip side to that line of thinking. 

For the 15-20 guys who are on top of their game and contending to win the tournament, there are just as many — if not more — who don’t quite have their best stuff. Regardless of the group the players you’re watching fall into, even the best in the world are susceptible to the occasional foul ball.

During the second round of the Masters on Friday, decorated amateur Curtis Luck double-crossed a shot off of the par-3 4th tee, sending a missile towards the gallery on the left. Immediately, a patron — they’re not called fans or gallery members at the Masters — grabbed his head in pain.


Luck seemed affected right away. No one wants to hit someone else with a golf ball traveling upwards of 150 mph. Thankfully, and although bloodied, the patron seemed in good spirits when Luck reached his position and offered an olive branch in the form of a signed glove.

Luck would go on to save par on the hole and shoot a second-round 72 to make the cut on the number. He will play with former Masters champion Larry Mize in the third round. 


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