Paula Creamer & 7 Best Office Putt Videos

LPGA star Paula Creamer stopped by the office of Golf Magazine earlier this week and gave everyone a free putting lesson. With the staffers looking on, she drilled a 70-foot putt down an office hallway, thus joining the ranks of many other legendary shots.

Including Creamer’s here are the seven best office putts we’ve seen:

A Callaway employee sinks a two-story putt that earned him Odyssey Office Putt of the Month honors:

This guy makes not one, but three office putts:

Not sure how long this one is, but it appears to be more than 100 feet:

These guys jimmied together some office obstacles:

We don’t see this one actually go in, but judging by the co-workers’ jubilant celebration, we assume it’s legit:

It takes a while for the ball to come into focus, but it clearly rolls right into the hole:

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