Performance Friday: Ignition Golf’s Paul Wilson

Unless you’re one of the experts giving these lessons, you could probably use a little help with your golf game. The weekend is coming and that means it’s time to play some golf! It also means it would be in your best interest to brush up on your game or face the consequences and ridicule from the other members of your foursome.

Fret not, hackers, duffers and less-than-good golfers of the world, Back9Network is here to help. This week’s Performance Friday comes courtesy of Ignition Golf’s Paul Wilson.

Squaring the Clubface

“The release point in a golf swing is actually after you’ve hit the golf ball. It happens after you hit the ball because your body tilts in the downswing.”

How to Hit Perfect Bunker Shots

“Aim our bodies left to compensate for the fact that the ball will come out right with the club face in an open position.”

The Correct Putting Setup

“I want you to do what’s comfortable for you.”

Stop Topping Fairway Woods

“You typically try to hit a 3-wood to make up for a mistake or to reach a par 5.”

Check back every Friday for a new batch of the best golf tips on the web to help you get ready for the weekend. May your drives be straight and your tales be tall.

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