Tour Pro Spots UFO: Freakiest Thing I’ve Ever Seen


These are strange times we live in. 


For PGA Tour pro Graham DeLaet, the times got even stranger on Tuesday night while he was in Mexico. DeLaet, who has been sidelined with back issues stemming from some treatment he underwent in mid-January, naturally took to Twitter to report his findings that from what he’s seen, we’re not alone.’s Dylan Dethier chronicled DeLaet’s sighting

A photo the Canadian pro posted to his Twitter account Tuesday night showed a light in the night sky. “Just saw a UFO in Ixtapa, Mexico,” he wrote. “No other explanation. Freakiest thing I’ve ever seen.”


Some of DeLaet’s followers did indeed find other possible explanations. Several suggested DeLaet had been sampling too much Prairie Baard, his own line of craft beer. But DeLaet stuck to his story.

“A more scientific possibility was that he’d caught a glimpse of Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket, the Falcon Heavy, in its “final burn stage,” as several other sightings were reported in the southwest U.S. as well.

Ultimately, DeLaet seemed to accept that as a possibility. He finished the string of tweets with a less controversial statement: “Elon Musk is smart.” Tough to argue.>



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