PGA’s New Task Force Created to Grow the Game

The PGA of America is establishing a new initiative aimed at growing the game of golf through non-traditional means.

On Wednesday, the PGA of America’s Board of Directors announced the creation of a PGA Task Force that consists of a diverse group of millennial, multicultural, female, industry and non-industry experts united in their common interest to grow the game.

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PGA of America President Ted Bishop told that in response to the changing face of America and downward participation trends, the Task Force will develop and evaluate non-traditional concepts harnessing the unmatched network of the 27,000 men and women PGA Professionals.

Matt Adams Speaks with PGA of America President Ted Bishop

“There is nothing that I have been part of to-date that is more important and has greater opportunity,” Bishop said. “The golf experience needs to be redefined. For many people the traditional 18-hole round simply doesn’t work. With the industry at a critical juncture of growth it is our responsibility to consider any and all potential alternatives to enhance the consumer’s enjoyment of the game.”

Mark King, CEO of Taylor Made-adidas Golf and recent architect of and American skier Bode Miller are a few of the big names that will head the Task Force. They will be joined by the likes of former NFL player Melvin Bullitt, former LPGA Professional and PGA Board Member Dottie Pepper and CEO of the PGA of America, Pete Bevacqua, Bishop said.

The Back9Network shares in the same mission as the PGA of America in trying to grow the game, especially among the youth. Part of the network’s initiative is in inviting and bringing everyone closer to the golf lifestyle, from those who are already part of the game to those who aspire to live the golf life — even if they rarely pick up a club.

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