Voicemail Reveals Phil Setting Up Money Game

Phil Mickelson is a fan favorite for a number of reasons, but most notably it’s because he comes off as nice and relatable, whether he truly is or not. One thing fans like about Phil is that he shares a vice that many people like to dabble in: gambling. 

While few people can wager the types of sums Phil has been reportedly putting down, the fact that he likes to spice things up from time to time only makes him that much more relatable. Who doesn’t like a little side action?

It should be no surprise then that Mickelson is an equal opportunity gambler. Whether you’re a fan at a golf tournament saying Phil can’t pull off a shot, or Charley Hoffman, the first round leader at the Masters, anyone can try to get into Phil’s pocket.

According to Deadspin, the above voicemail clip has been making the rounds in San Diego golf circles about Phil and an unnamed partner trying to take some “serious cash” off of Hoffman and a partner. Here’s Deadspin’s breakdown. 

The recording comes from a July 2015 call and has been passed around for two years in golfing circles. According to two sources familiar with the tape’s origins, the “Charley” mentioned as Mickelson’s mark is Charley Hoffman, a PGA Tour veteran and another product of the Southern California public courses. Hoffman did not reply to Deadspin’s requests for comment, but he’s confessed in past interviews that he melds golf and gambling when playing non-competitive rounds. “For me,” Hoffman told the Boston Globe in 2007, “sometimes it’s a way just to keep my interest up.”


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