Police Raid Finds Illegal “Golf Cart Chop Shop”


The Villages is one of Florida’s most popular retirement communities in the state. Golf, early bird specials, canasta…it’s got it all. It also happened to be the scene of a police drug raid which took quite an unexpected turn. On Thursday during the search of the suspected home, authorities found golf cart parts which appear to be part of an illegal “golf cart chop shop.”

WFTV has the full report

Five people were arrested at a residence in The Villages on Wednesday in connection with an undercover drug investigation, the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office said.

Investigators said undercover deputies had purchased drugs from the home in the 1900 block of Antonia Place three times before Wednesday’s raid. Once a search warrant was served, deputies said they found evidence that an illegal golf cart chop shop was also operating out of the residence.


“We actually found some golf cart parts, as well,” Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Robert Siemer said. “There have been some golf carts stolen in the neighborhood in The Villages here, and we’re trying to tie some of the parts to some of the stolen vehicles.”

The elderly homeowner did not appear to be aware of what was going on in his home and was not one of the five arrested Wednesday, investigators said.

His niece, Kathleen Unrath, had moved in saying she was going to take care of him, but instead was allegedly running the illegal drug and chop shop businesses behind his back, deputies said.



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