Product Review: CaddieBasket Golf

For amateur golfers, the amount of practice time the average player gets is minimal, so the range sessions need to be optimized and efficient. For instructors, however, that time is literally money, so everything working properly and running smoothly is absolutely essential to running a successful instruction tee/academy/learning center.

CaddieBasket Golf’s eponymous product caters to the needs of both the player and the instructor with ease.

First Impression

When you first come upon a CaddieBasket, the design is so intuitive that it’s one of those products that you can’t believe hasn’t been brought to market before. A waist-high do-it-all product that holds golf balls, your drink, your phone or tablet, a towel, rangefinder, wire brush, alignment rods and clubs.

Listing the attributes of the product takes care of basically sells itself, and then there’s more.


How It Works

The CaddieBasket is exactly what the name describes: a caddie for your range needs. From making golf balls easily accessible at waist height to keeping your grips dry, the product is a no-brainer. 


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One of the coolest features of the CaddieBasket is its phone/tablet holder. Not only does it provide a safe, clean and dry spot for one of our most valued possessions, it is designed to help record your swing. Finding a good way to record a swing to be analyzed is a problem that seems so simple to solve, yet it hasn’t been done extremely well up until this point. CaddieBasket solved it. 

The swing recording ability is reason enough for CaddieBaskets to be on every instruction tee, but it also allows regular weekend hackers to have an opportunity to see what they need to work on with an easily diagnosable video. 

Final Impression

The CaddieBasket does everything it’s designed to and then some. Not yet mentioned is the back strain that is alleviated by its raised design, making range sessions more about improving and less about enduring back pain.

From a practicality standpoint, the CaddieBasket is a no-brainer; a simple and effective design that checks all the boxes when trying to get in a good practice session at the range or develop an efficient lesson tee. 

To learn more about CaddieBasket Golf, visit their website here.

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