Product Review: Focus Putt Amazing Training Aid

The connection between a golfer and their putter is something that is hard to explain. Tiger Woods and his famous Scotty Cameron have it; same with Jordan Spieth, Ben Crenshaw and Brad Faxon and their respective flat sticks. Once you find a putter that fits your eye, that you’re comfortable stroking and most importantly, one that you believe you can make every putt with, then you’ve found your putting soulmate.

FOCUS Putt Amazing works to create that confident stroke by making a literal connection between the player and the putter, which intuitively results in a smooth and stable putting stroke.

First Impression

The FOCUS Putt Amazing comes in some cool packaging and opens to present a few heavier-than-expected pieces. Once assembled — a process that takes less than five minutes — you’re left with a pretty stable piece of equipment that attaches as simply to any putter grip regardless of size. 

The full training aid extends from the grip into an anchor of sorts that you can adjust to fit your desired stance and angle. Once you’re locked in, that connection mentioned above between your putter and your body becomes literal.

How It Works

The FOCUS Putt Amazing training aid instantly and wordlessly explains everything you need to know about why the USGA and R&A enacted an anchoring ban. The connection — there’s that word again — you feel between your body and your putter makes the stroke almost unnaturally natural.

Could putting really be this simple?”

Immediately, the main advantage this training aid provides is evident. If you can create this kind of solid, repeatable putting stroke enough with the FOCUS Putt on your club, can you replicate it on the course when there’s a scorecard in your pocket?

Does It Work?

While the stable version of the FOCUS Putt amazing does everything you’d expect a normal training aid to do, the VIZADIAL circle that sits at the bottom of the anchor provides another level of feedback. Having the FOCUS connected to your sternum, you can feel the correct putting stroke, but what happens when you’re not locked in? That’s what the VIZADIAL does.

Once the VIZADIAL has been engaged, that locked-in feeling remains, but if a player tends to get handsy or engage smaller muscles into the stroke, you can not only feel it, but you can see it on the dial. This adds a nice wrinkle to the aid that holds you accountable even when using it.

Sometimes training aids force you to stay in the proper position given their rigid design, which helps with muscle memory, but once the aid is gone, old bad habits can sneak back in. The FOCUS’ VIZADIAL provides a bridge between the training aid being locked in and putting on the course with no aid at all. 

Final Impression

Everyone is looking for a simple, repeatable putting stroke. The FOCUS Putt Amazing does a good job of creating that connected feeling between your body, your arms and your putter. The VIZADIAL provides a great alternative between the training aid being on the club and being out on the course without anything to give feedback.

To learn more about FOCUS Putt Amazing, visit their website here.

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