Product Review: gottaGolf App

Golfers know that playing the game we love is about much more than the number on the scorecard at the end of the round. The release of spending a few hours on the course is something inherently unique to golfers, which makes the camaraderie that goes hand-in-hand with the game so close-knit. 

Living in such a social world, it only makes sense that there should be a social outlet centered around golf. gottaGolf has turned what could seem like a pipedream into reality, giving members the ability to link up and play, share their practice sessions, rounds or bloopers as well as providing a bevy of cool features that enhance the sharability and overall optics of the experience.

All in, gottaGolf gives golfers something that is all their own that they can share with likeminded individuals who are equally afflicted by the golf bug.

First Impression

More likely than not, users come to find gottaGolf not because they’re looking to create a community with other golfers, but because they’re looking for a quality and affordable ball tracer app. gottaGolf handles that need and then provides the upsell (downsell?) of a free community of golfers from around the globe who love the game as much as you do.

gottaGolf has a bunch of different perks and features, which we’ll uncover in the next session, but the best part of the app is how everything lives under one roof, so to speak — ball tracer, social community, video and picture overlays, not to mention a way for instructors and golf courses to reach their audience much easier. 

How It Works

The best way to understand the capabilities of gottaGolf is to go feature by feature, so that’s just what we’ll do.

Ball Tracer

The coolest technological piece of the app is by far the ball tracer capability. We’ve all seen the pros on television hit mammoth tee shots, curve the ball out of the trees or flight a shot down perfectly and it’s illustrated by a streaking line across our screens. 

“Man,” you think, “wouldn’t it be cool to be able to see my shot traced like the pros?”

gottaGolf incorporated an auto-tracer that picks up the golf ball after impact and shows you the beauty — or reality — of the way your golf ball is traveling. Using the ball tracer is intuitive, and the development team has incorporated a step-by-step process into its design so that you know exactly how to capture your tracer even if you’re not the most tech-savvy. 

There are various options to spruce up your tracer and the gottaGolf team is always pushing the envelope to make your shots — good and bad — eminently shareable, which brings us to the…

Social Side

While the hook gottaGolf may be ball tracer, the portion that keeps you coming back to the app is the community that you immediately become part of when you download the app. Out in the wild, when you’re sharing your golf-related content, you’re doing it for a reason: you want to get a reaction. 

The sad truth of the matter is that there are plenty of poor souls out there who aren’t golfers and therefore aren’t all that interested in your golf-related posts. Do you ever want to hop online and talk golf? gottaGolf is the perfect place for you. The social feed is equal parts Facebook and Instagram with an engaged and active community that’s sure to get you your golf fix.

Additional Features

One of the coolest things we’ve found about the gottaGolf app is the Groups feature. Whether you’re the person in your daily or weekly game who organizes or just participates, this feature is monumental to your stress level. The Groups feature provides a community inside the gottaGolf community.

Gone are the days of group texts blowing up your phone, email chains with reply-all responses and the anxiety of telling a buddy that the invitation that was available a few hours ago is now off the table. Once a tee time has been made, gottaGolf alerts the group and allows fellow players to opt in or out, cutting down on your time and sweat equity in getting a round of golf put together. 

Final Impression

Overall, the gottaGolf app does a lot of things and it does all of them well. The ball tracer app makes you feel like a pro — or really far from a pro, depending on your shot shape — while the social side and additional features meet wants and needs that previously caused either an annoyed significant other who didn’t want to hear about the lie you had on the 15th hole or the gray hair and stress that comes with trying to cobble together a foursome.

In the app world, gottaGolf is a 5-star product. To learn more about gottaGolf, visit their website here, download for iOS here or get on the waitlist for Android here

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