Product Review: Iron-Lad Madd-X Golf Balls

Golfers practically have an unlimited amount of options when it comes to choosing a golf ball that they want to put into play. Certain factors also go into the choice: playability, consistency and of course, price.

Iron-Lad Golf, the company best known for its LEVELHEAD ball marker, has now launched two golf ball offerings: the Madd-X2 and Madd-X3 

First Impression

The first thing that jumps out to you when you receive your Madd-X2 and Madd-X3 golf balls is there succinct and crisp packaging. There’s no overselling these golf balls on the box; what you see is what you get. 

The Madd-X2, which is the company’s distance offering, retails for $18 for a dozen and $30 for two dozen. The Madd-X3, the softer and premium ball, retails for $28 for a dozen and $40 for two dozen.

How Do They Work?

Iron-Lad Golf’s Madd-X golf ball tagline is “Play your best. Pay less.” For the average amateur golfer, this is music to their ears. Very few, if any, golfers need to spend upwards of $50 or $60 for a golf ball that can’t magically change your swing and fly on command.

Madd-X doesn’t pretend to be something that it’s not. Their two offerings are engineered to do two different things and their transparency from their site through delivery is a no-B.S. proposition. Seriously. 

With expectations stripped and your wallet a little fatter, the Madd-X golf balls perform before you even get them on the course. The burden of never losing a Tour-caliber golf ball is gone, freeing you up to play the best golf you’re capable of.

The distance ball, the X2, has an extra large core that results in maximum velocity whereas the X3, the softer golf ball, has a softer compression, which results in great feel around the greens on those difficult touch shots. 

Final Impression

Iron-Lad Golf is likely never going to dismantle Titleist from the top of the golf ball charts, but they’re not trying to. Their Madd-X offerings are perfect for the casual, everyday golfer who wants to get better and play a lot of golf without having to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars per season on golf balls.

Both the Madd-X2 and Madd-X3 have their perks, which are easily discernable from their respective web pages. Whether you’re looking for a ball to bomb and chase or one that hits and stops on a dime, Iron-Lad Golf has you covered.

To learn more about Iron-Lad Golf’s Madd-X golf balls, visit their website here.