Product Review: Power Up Wedge

Why do weekend hackers watch professional golf or professional sports in general? They like to watch incredible athletes do things that they can only dream of doing. And that’s what makes golf so special; you may never be able to take off from the foul line and dunk like Michael Jordan, but you can nail a slippery right-to-left putt like Jordan Spieth.

Professional golfers’ version of dunking from the foul line is bombing 330-plus yar drives. It takes years of honing your swing and equipment to launch the ball like Justin Thomas or Dustin Johnson, but the reality of distance and power in golf is that most every weekend hacker is leaving yardage in the bag because of a few simple tweaks. 

Power Up Wedge is eliminating one of those issues with their eponymous product.

First Impression

The Power Up Wedge is brilliant in its simplicity. Golfers who have hit shots too near to a tree likely have felt the sensation that Power Up Wedge provides during every shot. You were lucky enough to not have any tree trouble with your swing, but your stance has you standing among the roots. You get the sensation of a pitching rubber under your foot, which allows you to convey more power through the shot.

That’s what the Power Up Wedge does, but there are even more advantageous qualities that it can be used for.

How It Works

The Power Up Wedge simply locks onto your shoe with a velcro strap and can work on either your front or back shoe, or both, to create different sensations and work to coil up power or release it through impact. 

The Power Up Wedge creates a great feel for the ground and your weight distribution through one or both legs, which in turn gives the player the sensation of engaging the core of their body to release the power through the hitting zone.

Does It Work?

Locking the Power Up Wedge into place for the first time feels a bit awkward but after a few practice swings, the practicality of the device shines through. Gone are the weak push fades that come with hanging on your back foot. The feeling of pushing off your back foot helps you to get your weight through the ball and into your front side.

If working on your backswing load by having the Power Up Wedge on your front foot, you’re able to feel the tension and connection with the ground into the backswing and brace yourself on the front foot through impact.

The best of both worlds is having both feet locked into a Power Up Wedge. The stability and tension that is created by working with the wedges only boosts the power created when the wedges are no longer present on your feet, which leads to gains like long driver Josh Jackson saw using the product.

Final Impression

Something that is simple and effective is the best combination for a golf training aid. The game is complicated enough as it is, and adding more thought to an already-cluttered mind is simply a recipe for disaster. The Power Up Wedge’s practical training use and intuitive implementation when no longer strapped on the foot makes this product not only beneficial for more power, but useful in creating a more compact and effective golf swing.

To learn more about the Power Up Wedge, visit their website here.

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